A new outlook.

As you all know my last blog was all about my bucket list. Well here’s the scoop. I don’t seem to have the time or that patience at the moment with working all the time.
I’ve decided to start being more greatfull for what I already have. Not in a religious way but just generally being thankful for what I already have. I have a job for one. Its not the best and stressful at times but its a job. In my area that’s quite an achievement! Also I live in a beautiful area with my wonderful mother and stepfather who support me through everything. But most of all I’m learning to appreciate the little things in life. I got to see the sunrise this morning and the sky is beautiful!



I just thought I’d share with you all. So have a wonderful day and keep on smiling.:)

Bucket List.

I know its been such a long time since I blogged.
I’ve been working loads and not had a lot of time to do anything.
Well no more! I’ve decide to write a bucket list.
you all know what a bucket list is don’t you? Well mines not going to be an extreme one and you will not find me sky diving, but its going to be a more practical one.
So heres what I’ve got so far;
1) Buy a house.
2) learn to drive.
3) Get a job involving the arts (preferably teaching)
4) Go to the Clothes show at Birmingham NEC.
5) Get an Alice in Wonderland tattoo.
6) Have a photograph published in a magazine or paper.
7) Visit Paris.
8) Visit NewYork.
9) Get Married.
10) Own my own business.

That’s as far as I’ve got.

A day off you say?

WOW! I have a day off!! Hurrah!! It feels like forever since I’ve been on here! I miss it. I miss all you lovely creative people and all your lovely creative work!

You would think the first thing I want to do with a day off is craft… I do I do!

But no such luck! I’ve got a mountain of housework to do, washing, tidying, sorting and food shopping! There’s no rest  for the wicked eh? But I’m lucky this week as I’m off on Saturday as well. My theory is I get everything sorted today and I’ll have chance to CRAFT on Saturday!

Wish me luck!


What a busy old week!

Well my friends its been crazy since I started work! 40 hours this week and sporadic hours so as you all may be able to tell I’ve not had much chance to blog or craft for that matter! But I thought id share a quick post on my short lunch break!


This is the view walking up to the bus stop from my house this morning. I’m sorry if its blury I just thought the colours of the sky were lovely! This was taken at about 7am.
So there you have it. The worlds shortest blog!
Back to work I go!
Keep on Crafting!

Un planned baking!

I baked yesterday! For the first time in ages. I just decided to make some simple vanilla cupcakes. I’ve never quite perfected them but this time I was close! I didn’t really think to make a tutorial because they were spur of the moment cakes! But I will post the recipe one day soon!
They actually turned out pretty good. But I seem to always have the issue of a volcano type effect on top. I don’t know why. Mum seems to think its the raising agent but I’ve tweeked it several times and its always the same. If any one has any suggestions please let me know!
I also tried a more simple butter cream recipe and that was yummy!
I shall definitely be making these again!




Oh and I also need to learn how to pipe my frosting! Its an ability that escapes me.

I have a few blog’s planned when I get chance (starting my new job tomorrow) so keep your eyes out!

New Job, Less Prospects!!


Looks like I’m not going to have chance to be as crafty as one would hope!
I had a call from the work program yesterday telling me of an interveiw today, I went and bloody got it!

Lets just say I am a little shocked and surprised! I wasn’t expecting to do so well, What with melting my trousers this morning on the Iron, Spilling foundation on my lovely white top and… Well getting crumbs all down my bra! Women you know were I’m coming from! They just attract food and bits of stuff!

Any way… I Digress.

I start on Friday which is the same day as my new wonderful Craft and arts class. I’m SO Gutted. Really sad I’m going to have to miss them! Also I may have to give up my pottery class! WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAPPEN AT ONCE!?!?!?!?!

I’m still going to keep my crafting up as much as I can. My new job is only 20 hours per week so fingers crossed I shall have time to create!

It does sooth my angst a little to know there is quite a large craft section at my new place of work! So be prepared for some product reviewing to add to my repertoire!!

I must admit I am quite happy and sad at the same time. I WISH I could carry on my courses!

Oh and I also got offered some temp work with Kirsty at Arts on Prescription because someone’s left! This is one of the best opportunities ever but I’m not sure of my new hours yet so I cant say yay or nay!!

Ahhhhhh Any way, I’m listening to some good ol Mumford & Sons whilst singing loudly to celebrate and commiserate my new adventure!

Here’s to a crafty and not so crafty future!

Salt dough fun! Tutorial.


Ahhh the joy of salt dough!
I’ve had a joyous day of crafting. Its been lovely and chilled, the sounds of radio 2 and the fun of salt dough!

So this is a quick tutorial on salt dough tags using cookie cutters and rubber stamps.

What you need:
Plain flour
Table salt
Cookie cutters
Rubber stamps.


Step 1.
Take 200g of plain flour add 300g of table salt and enough water to make a plyable dough. My recipe says 200ml but I find that’s far to much.
Mix it all together.
It will look a little like this at he start


Keep mixing. And stick with it. It can take a while.
It should end up like this.


Step 2.
Now here’s the fun bit! Get your hands in and give it a kneed. A couple of minute’s is enough.

Step 3.
Flour you work top well! And take enough to work with. Don’t roll it al out it can be a bit to much.


Step 4.
Roll it out. I find the thinner the better. But it has to be thick enough for stamp to show up.
Cut your shape’s out.


Step 5.
Now flour your chosen stamp. Not to much though it can clog the stamp up.
I positioned it and pressed a little. It doesn’t need a lot!! As I discoverd!!


I’m making some tags to go on my hand made presents. Hence the hand made stamp. I also borrowed my mothers little hands stamp! I think it gives a cute hand made feel to gifts!


Step 6.
Put them all on a lined baking tray and bakeep on a medium heat about 150c for up to 1 hour.
You just have to keep checking.y oven doesn’t get up to temperature so there not fully dried.
Don’t worry if they puff up! They always do it! If you want to combat that just roll them thinner and cook on a higher temperature for quicker.

Here is my finished artical!


I can’t decide weather to leave them natural or to paint them!
You can use any kind of paint. And you can give them a quick gloss with pva.

Hope you all have as mum fun as I did!
Keep on crafting!

Oh how the time flies!

Its been days since I’ve blogged!
Bonjour !
I’ve been a crafty little so and so for the past few days! it started on Thursday with my new local pottery class. Which was lovely and looks like its going to be a delightful eight weeks! 
We started with a group taught class on how to make a tortoise! It was really relaxing and pleasant task. Here is my best attempt!  (before first firing)


I was quite happy with the results!

Then on Friday it was my new art and craft classes which were wonderful! So many options of this and crafts to learn and do!
We started in the morning doing some observational drawing. Which was relaxing and taxing at the same time. I’m not a drawer I can’t really draw apart from practical little doodles for my eyes only! So here is mum attempt at some observational drawing!


We used pencil then moved on to charcoal then paint. I love mixed media! And I think I’m going to try this again at home.

Then after lunch (big pasta salad and doughnuts! Typical packed lunch) we moved on to the craft class. To ease us into the group we did papermache!!! Oh my I haven’t done his for years! I so enjoyed it! I ended up making a little bird. Which will be decorated next week!



Me holding it so you can get the scale of it!
This has inspired some papermache crafts at home of my own. So keep your eye out for some simple tutorials to come!!

Hope you’ve all had as much crafty fun as me!
Keep on smiling!

No rest for the wicked!

I’ve not had chance to to be crafty today. Its been one he’ll of a hectic day! I’ve spent most of the day driving round running errands with  my grandad!
So I’m hopefully going to have a more crafty day tomorrow! I start my pottery course in the morning.

Here’s a photo of a pilon I took whilst waiting for my grandad.


I thought it looked really cool.
Happy Crafting!